We've visited the topic of your favorite classic TV shows, and that's definitely something that we can all relate to. But now let's take it to another level, what was the one show that took your mind into a fantasy?

I'm talking about the show that, when you were a kid, you actually wanted to live in the show. It did more than entertain you, it made you imagine you could be there. Not as an actor, but living your life in this land of fiction.

It made you want what you were watching to be real. So real, that you could take your life an be what these characters were.

Now that takes a powerful show to do that. And that's why it was your favorite of all time. And in some strange way, maybe you still imagine being there yet today.

For me, it was Hawaii 5-0. The paradise of the magical Hawaiian Islands and the style of Jack Lord just made me want to be on the team working on getting the bad guys.