(AP) - Twerking or not, Billy Ray Cyrus says he still loves his daughter Miley. The country singer hasn't spoken specifically about the details of her sexually charged performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. But he says what many parents have been heard to say when their kid gets into something on the shady side.

He says he will "always be here for Miley" and "can't wait to see her" when she gets home. In his comments to "Entertainment Tonight," Cyrus says despite her grown antics Sunday night, Miley is "still my little girl" and that he is "still her dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out." Miley's dad says he loves her "unconditionally" and adds "that will never change."

Some of the people he works with have different ideas about Miley's performance. The Parents Television Council condemned MTV for the show and took issue with Miley's bump and grind. Billy Ray Cyrus is a member of the PTC board.