I'm among the world's biggest Minnesota Twins baseball fans.

Now, no jokes, please.  I know, I know, 3 years now of 90+ losses.  We haven't exactly, uh, torn up the baseball world lately.  But you know what?  I love 'em anyway!

My love for the Twins started back in the early 1960's with names like Dick Stigman, Harmon Killebrew, Rich Rollins and Don Mincher.  The names have never ended...Oliva, Carew, Tovar, Perry, Puckett, Hrbek, Gagne, and hundreds (thousands?) of others.

One of those great name's can still be heard on Twins baseball broadcasts.  Bert Blyleven was one of the greatest pitcher's the game has ever known.  The stories about his devastating curve are legendary, and not far behind are all the stories about his pranks.  Yes, Bert was a great pitcher and a great prankster.

In this video clip, Bert sits down and talks about what it means to be a member of baseball's most hallowed hall...The Baseball Hall Of Fame.