The auditions in San Antonio and Long Beach for 'American Idol' on Wednesday night featured several people, each having what one might call, unusual characteristics. But, they all had big voices that impressed the judges.

Matheus Fernandes is a really short guy with nothing wrong with him medically, and Mariah Carey says she was holding back tears when he sang.

Micah Johnson of Morrow, Georgia, talks with a speech impediment because of a tonsillectomy gone wrong but sings so well he got a golden ticket.

Matt Farmer of Tulsa suffered a brain injury in Iraq and was told he'd never have children, but his 3-year-old was with him when the judges said yes.

The judges also said yes to a guy named Papa Peachez, a former Miss University of Arkansas.

And a 16-year-old girl who kept her cool when the fire alarm went off.

Auditions continue Thursday night in Oklahoma City at 7 central on FOX.