First, in the interest of honesty, I have never been what you call a huge Terri Clark fan. I mean, I've always liked her music fine, but I wouldn't list her as one of my Top Ten all-time favorites.

She's had good songs in the past, like 'Girls Lie Too' and 'I Wanna Do It All'. I've enjoyed playing her music on my show through the years.

But, wow, she hit a Home Run with her latest album!

It's called 'Classic' and it's Terri's remakes of great classic hits, some with friends of hers. Now, sometimes remaking great songs can be a...well...disaster. Eespecially when an artist wants to 're-imagine' them. But this time, Terri keeps pretty close to the original and her voice has never...never...sounded better!

She starts the CD off with Kitty Wells 'It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels' (with a sweet introduction by her Grandmother), and follows up with all-time greats like 'Love Is A Rose', 'How Blue' (with Reba), 'Don't Come Home A Drinkin'', 'Gentle On My Mind' and many others you'll recognize. We've been playing 'Leavin' On Your Mind' on Classic Country 1000 KXRB and

The problem, of course, is the vast majority of so called Country Stations won't be playing these great songs. Why? Well, Terri isn't named Taylor or Carrie or Jason or Blake or Miranda. It kind of feels like most station's don't play music, they play artist's. And if the name isn't right, they don't get played.

So, be listening for these great songs on AM1000 KXRB and And check around for the album. Oh yeah, and the liner notes are fun too.

Way to go Terri. And thanks for keepin' it Country!