When I was a kid back on the farm and yes, in the 'olden days', going to the dentist was not considered a particularly fun thing to do.

Usually (at least as my memory serves) it would be the middle of the night, the toothache just becoming unbearable, so it would be Mom calling the dentist in Edgerton, 'It was an emergency!', he'd crawl out of bed, we'd make the trip and there was that....



Of course, once the bad tooth was out things were better...a whole lot better!

Now I know, I know, things have changed these days, the trip to the dentist is no big deal.  Heck, my Grandkids don't seem to mind at all (Right Jeremy?  Right Jessie?).

And maybe it wasn't so bad back there in them old days either!

Heck, in this Classic Commercial from the Dental Association, going to the dentist was something to look forward to, even better than going to the movies!