Thursday January 15, 1981.  9:00 P.M.

That's when we first met the gang that made up 'Hill Street Blues'.

Captain Furillo, Joyce Dabenport, Sgt. Esterhaus, Belker, Renko and all the rest.  A great ensemble cast in the one the greatest television shows of all-time.

By the time it was over, 146 episodes later in 1987, not all the characters remained.  Some of the major players were actually killed on the show, something almost unheard of at the time.  That's why we watched.  Sometimes the good guys didn't win on 'Hill Street Blues'.

In fact, sometimes the good guys weren't all that good.

But it sure did seem real, with things not neatly wrapped up at the end of the hour.  Some episodes made you laugh, some made you cry, some made you go 'What the...??'.

In other words, not just good television, great television.

And what a great opening to the show each week.  Check out the video and get reintroduced to the folks from 'Hill Street Blues'.