Just the other day I was dishing out all kinds of advice and research on what you need to do when, (notice I didn't say, if, I'm being positive today for some reason) you win the Powerball lottery. One of the major pieces of advice was to keep your yapper shut, don't tell anyone and to stay anonymous as long as humanly possible!

But how to do that? That is the question. Well, surprise, surprise, I found some advice on that too. Aren't we all so lucky!

  1. Get rid of all your social media accounts and change your phone number and address, A.S.A.P. !!
  2. Buy your ticket in a state that doesn't force you to come forward. Unfortunately there are only 6 states that don't, but if you're planning a road trip. . .North Dakota, Kansas, South Carolina, Delaware, Ohio and Maryland are the places to go.
  3. Once again- -don't tell anyone. (Nuff said!)
  4. Wear a disguise- I know it sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, but this makes sense on a very basic level when you're trying to keep a low profile. (Just so you know, I won't be the one wearing a big red nose, fright wig and giant floppy shoes. Nope, not me...)