A woman who was riding her motorcycle through the Black Hills of South Dakota claims she was mauled by a buffalo is suing a ranch owner for more than $75,000.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Marisol Heidrich, of Minot, North Dakota says she and her husband were on separate motorcycles while riding in Meade county. There was a herd of buffalo that had escaped their enclosure and were along the highway.

Dorsey [Heidrich's attorney] said the buffalo attack unfolded this way: The Heidrich couple slowed their motorcycles to about 25 mph, and the husband drove past the animals first. When Heidrich’s turn came to drive through, a buffalo cow charged her.

The buffalo hit the right rear of her Harley-Davidson, knocking her off, and stomped on her head. This resulted in fractures around Heidrich’s nose and left eye, facial lacerations and loose teeth.

The ranch owners, Sam and Travis Mickelson, deny any negligence in the incident. The ranch owners and the  Heidrich's are preparing for a legal showdown later this month.

Meanwhile, the Mickelson's council stated that the accused buffalo had to be "put down" because of the injuries it sustained while charging the bike.

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