OK, tonight you are going out to eat. Now, what do you want?

We have everything out there. So what's your pleasure?

From the everyday to the exotic, the choices we have when eating out are almost endless. Before you choose, just for fun, let's see where everybody else goes.

A survey conducted by the Harris Poll, asked this question: 'Thinking of food now, if you had the choice to go out to a restaurant and eat one type of food, which are you most likely to choose?'

Top 8 most popular restaurant cuisines:

    1) American (31 percent)
    2) Italian (23 percent)
    3) Mexican (16 percent)
    4) Chinese (14 percent)
    5) Japanese (5 percent)
    6) Middle Eastern (3 percent)
    7) Indian (2 percent)
    8) French (1 percent)

When we dine out, the five most important factors in choosing a restaurant are good prices, the type of cuisine, a specific menu item we enjoy, a convenient location and a broad variety of menu items.

Some items come at exorbitant prices, given what they cost to prepare and what you get for your money. Steer clear of these tasty temptations.

  • Gourmet burgers
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Shrimp Caesar salad
  • Stack of pancakes
  • Chicken noodle soup


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