Think back to 1982. It seemed that no matter where you went, if you turned on a radio, you heard the song 'Nobody'. It was everywhere.

'Nobody' was a huge #1 country hit, a Top 20 pop hit, a Top 5 Adult Contemporary hit and sold well over a million copies.

The singer? Well, all we really knew is she had just one name. Sylvia.


Sylvia was Sylvia Jane Kirby, born in Kokomo Indiana and she burst across the music world in 1982. Her single 'Nobody' was played on the radio more than any other song that year, 1982. She was the ACM's Female Vocalist of the Year and received a Grammy nomination. In other words, her career was hot!

Sylvia had a few other country hits, but nothing approaching the success of 'Nobody'. So, whatever happened to Sylvia?

Well, Sylvia continued to tour, criss-crossing the country through the 1980's, releasing albums. Then she decided to essentially retire.

Why? Burned out? Not at all, she just wanted to go into another area of her career. Songwriting.

Now, Sylvia, at the age of 58, is a 'life-coach', working with aspiring people in the music industry-singers, songwriters, musicians and others.

She's happily married and lives in the Nashville area.

And hopefully, 'Nobody' doesn't call!