10 PM Sunday

9:52 PM Sunday

KSOO-AM Reporting:

The Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter in Tripp. Authorities say damage is widespread in Delmont.

--Beth Warden

8:02 PM Sunday

From S.D. Dept. of Public Safety

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has now confirmed nine injuries resulting from the tornado that damaged Delmont Sunday morning.

All but two have been treated and released.

One was admitted to the hospital in Armour and the other was transported to a Sioux Falls hospital. The extent of the injuries is not yet known.

--Todd Epp

3:07 PM Sunday

From S.D. Dept. of Public Safety:

PIERRE, S.D. – Residents of Delmont, S.D.arebeingaskedtoleavethecity for safety reasons because of a tornado that damaged the city Sunday morning.

Local and state officials have asked the residents to leave because of concerns about unsecured propane tanks. There also is no electricity, water or telephone service.

The city has been closed to non-residents as well.  People who are not involved in the safety response are being asked to stay away from the area.

--Todd Epp

2:27 PM Sunday

From S.D. Dept. of Public Safety:

PIERRE, S.D – South Dakota’s Department of Public Safety, at the request of Governor Dennis Daugaard, has conducted a partial activation of the state Emergency Operations Center in Pierre to coordinate the local response to the town of Delmont where a tornado touched down Sunday morning.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol and the Office of Emergency Management have staff members in the town to help local authorities assess the damage and account for the citizens.

--Todd Epp

1:55 PM Sunday:

KSOO-AM Reporting:

Philip Schumacher, National Weather Service meteorologist in Sioux Falls.said they were sending someone from NWS to survey storm damage to determine the strength of the twister that hit about ~10:50 A.M. Sunday. But he said it "definitely was a tornado."

Dave Mathews, 70, owner of the Old Bank Mini-Mart in Delmont, said the new fire hall, a row of homes near the fire hall and the Lutheran Church were destroyed. He also said power and water were off and police and the highway patrol were blockading the community.

--Todd Epp

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