Sioux Falls police provided further details regarding a beating of a 61 year old man Sunday afternoon on the property at the Union Gospel Mission near 8th and Weber in Sioux Falls.

According to Officer Sam Clemens, the attack was not provoked and the victim and suspect were not known to each other.  Transient Daniel Obed Mariello, 31 approached the suspect from behind and started to hit the man.  Mariello then grabbed a chair or stool and continued the attack, breaking the item and then using a piece to continue the attack.

Witnesses and surveillance video from the mission document the entire attack, including Mariello sauntering away when it was done.

The victim is also a transient and has life threatening injuries that Clemens referred to as being very serious.

The suspect is currently charged with one county aggravated assault, although more charges could be pending depending on the outcome of the victim's situation.

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