Ah, hello 911, there's a truck in my neighbors living room. That's probably how the call to police sounded on Sunday afternoon.

A Sioux Falls man is now facing a DUI charge after the truck he was driving collided with a home on the city's east side on Sunday (March 2).

KDLT News is reporting that 70-year-old Dale Drew needed to be transported to a Sioux Falls hospital around 5 PM that afternoon with non-life threatening injuries after the truck he was driving ended up inside a home near the intersection of 69th and Cliff Avenue.

KDLT TV (used with permission)
KDLT TV (Used with Permission)

According to the report, Drew's truck took out a tree, and stop sign, before ultimately coming to a stop inside the living room of the corner home.

A witness to the accident, Caterina Baumgarn, told KDLT News, "It was very nerve racking, the lady from the house is very shook up but thank god she’s okay and was not in the living room.”

Police say nobody inside the home was hurt as a result of the accident.

Source: KDLT News

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