One of the best songs Tom T Hall ever wrote, was a true life story word for word. The song "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine" was from an experience he had in Florida.

Hall was taking part in a music festival in Miami Beach in 1972. He was joined by George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

After the show, Hall went back to his hotel. Things were very quiet because everyone was at the Democratic National Convention elsewhere in town.

Tom headed for the lounge. "The rest of it," he says, "is in the song."

Hall wrote the lyrics on an airsickness bag the next morning on his return flight to Tennessee. He had a recording session in Nashville at 10:00 AM all ready scheduled.

He walked in with the song written. He didn't even have a melody finished for it, but that was finished right on the spot.

The song was released in November 1972 as the second and final single from the album, The Storyteller. The song was Hall's third number one on the country singles chart.

Source: Number One Country Hits by Tom Roland