The song "Cattle Call" was Eddy Arnold's signature song and it was chosen as one of the top Western songs of all time.

The song dates back a long ways in time. It was written in 1934 by songwriter Tex Owens.

He wrote the song in Kansas City while watching the snow fall. As the snow came down on the cattle, he was inspired for a song.

Owens made the statement, "Watching the snow, my sympathy went out to cattle everywhere, and I just wished I could call them all around me and break some corn over a wagon wheel and feed them. That's when the words came to my mind. I picked up my guitar, and in thirty minutes I had wrote the music and four verses to the song,"

The song was recorded by Eddy Arnold in 1944. In 1955, Arnold re-recorded the song, this version spending 26 weeks on the country chart, 2 of the 26 at #1. He did another version with Leann Rimes in 2000 marking seven decades as a recording artist for Eddy Arnold.

Here's the famous 1955 era:


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