A search for a suspect in downtown Sioux Falls on Wednesday (March 22) ended when police found their man, still wearing bloody clothes.

The incident that lead to the search started with two men passing each other in a hall at the Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls.  The two strangers became involved in an altercation, where the suspect beat and stabbed the victim.  The victim, 54, was taken to the hospital with cuts to his chest, and wounds to his arm, back of neck and head while the knife used in the attack lay on mission's hallway floor.

As the suspects fled, authorities searched a trail, occasionally marked with discarded bloody clothing.  It lead to the area of 7th and Phillips in Downtown Sioux Falls followed by a sighting near 6th Street and the River walkway,  when officers arrested Josiah David Samuel, 19, of Sioux Falls.  He was charged with aggravated assault.

The condition of the victim is unknown, however it did not appear that the injuries were life-threatening.

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