A building permit for a turkey facility near Ipswich, South Dakota will move forward after the Edmonds County Commission failed to intervene on the permit application.

The American News reports that the county's planning and zoning board had earlier approved the permit, which led to an appeal by some county residents. Commissioners decided during a special meeting Monday to let the permit stand.

The permit was submitted by a company owned by Hendrix Genetics, which is based in the Netherlands. It allows for seven connected barns to be built as part of a pod that can house nearly 27,000 turkeys.

The pod will be located about 2 miles southwest of Ipswich.

Some residents had complained about possible odors from the facility, which would be built a half-mile from the nearest home. If the wind is in the right direction, I would say the home owner had a fair question!

Two other Hendrix Genetics building permits in the county have been approved.

Source: Associated Press, Aberdeen American News

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