Duane Putzier of Mitchell, South Dakota and his attorney Braden Hoefert filed a civil complaint against Coca Cola USA on October 3 accusing the company of negligence.

The lawsuit comes from an incident back in June of 2016 when Putzier claims he became ill from drinking a coke and later discovered there was a mouse in the can.

The court documents filed claim Putzier bought two cans of Coke at a Mitchell gas station. He drank one of them when he felt something on his lips.  He then emptied the can on the ground.

The Bemidji Pioneer reports that Putzier and his wife then cut the can open and say they found a dead mouse inside.  He became ill causing him to miss work and accumulate about $1,000 in medical bills, plus he lost about 30 pounds.

Putzier is asking for $2,026 and damages plus interest.

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