In advance of a winter storm, Gaylynn Huber of the Sioux Falls Street Department says his crews and equipment are ready to tackle the snow!

"The equipment is already to go. We have loaded chemicals into the trucks so they are ready to hit the streets. We are now scheduling crews. We have crews in at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday and work until 4:00 PM. The weather isn't supposed to come in until Thursday evening. At 4:00 PM we have a large crew coming in."

And that means working non-stop until the work is done.

"We will be on 12 hour shifts starting Thursday midnight. We will be on duty until the city is plowed out."

At the National Weather Service, meteorologist Jeff Chapman says the system is packed with snow.

"For the immediate Sioux Falls area, right now we are looking generally in that five to eight inch range."

Chapman says some parts of the region could get more snow!

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