Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Chief Jim Sederis says this week's winter storm has been demanding.

Sederis tells KSOO Radio:  "we have had in our call lines about 10 times the normal calls we respond to.  Our folks are working literally around the clock.  I don't think the crews even had time for lunch or dinner.  They went straight through from call to call.  Normally we run about 30 calls a day and now we're averaging about 300 calls a day."

If they have a fire, Sederis urges residents to call 911.  "We've had 8 house fires on Wednesday of various causes.  We're bringing in more crews to handle the types of calls.  The public is still safe.  It's just that we're running a lot of crews than we normally do."

Sederis offers safety tips for Sioux Falls residents.  "Take some caution and remain calm.  We don't want people to be using candles or external heat sources to try and heat their homes.  That can be deadly.  The other thing is to be careful when using saws or chain saws. Things like this need to be left to the professionals.  The best thing is to stay inside right now and enjoy the warmth if you have heat.  Many resident's don't."