Last month's Sioux Falls Pride Celebration drew big numbers and is getting big praise from across the country.

The event has been singled out in the Thrillist story, 'The Greatest Pride Celebrations in America, According to Drag Queens', as the 'Best Unexpected Festival in the U.S.'.

Performer Delighted Tobehere described the Sioux Falls Pride Celebration as:

...very comfortable Pride festival, because everyone was so warm and welcoming.

One of the nation's leading LGBT-interest magazines, The Advocate, also took notice of this year's Sioux Falls Pride Celebration with a write-up and photo gallery on its' website.

The annual Sioux Falls celebration is organized by The Center For Equality. The 2016 Pride event drew better than 8,00 people to Terrace Park and other locations throughout the Sioux Empire.

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