When an uncooperative suspect caused some traffic problems in Sioux Falls on July 4, the Sioux Falls police became involved. It soon escalated into a chase, then a stand-off.

The suspect was a 4 legged canine (she refused to identify herself during the incident). The dog was causing major traffic concerns in the area due to it running down the middle of many major thoroughfares nearly causing some accidents, refusing to exit the roadway when directed to by the police. Officers were able to get the dog semi confined in a back yard in the area and negotiations began. 

Negotiators worked to bring in the suspect, offering to meet her demands.

The offers of Cheetos and belly rubs were not enough to coax the dog into surrender at this point.

Alas, that was not enough. So, officers employed a more direct approach to apprehend the suspect.

Officers then devised a plan to try to lasso the dog and after looking at the video...of an unnamed officer showing off his lack of lasso skills (Officer Hunt), it was clear that plan was not going to work, but awfully fun to watch.

At this point in the operation it became clear that specialists were needed.

Animal Control responded to assist and the unnamed dog was nearly caught before it morphed into former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders and juked Sgt. Siebenborn, Officer Hunt, and Officer Dunn out of their shoes as they tried to grab on as she ran by.

As the suspect tried to make a break for it, officers decided that the best course of action was to let her tire itself out. This proved correct, as it led to the suspect's surrender.

Eventually after running through traffic down the middle of S Minnesota Ave our four legged friend decided she had enough and laid down for officers taking them up on the offer of free belly rubs. Our new found friend was turned over to animal control for safe keeping until her owner comes forward. Thanks to all the citizens who tried to help corral our suspect during this incident and to our friends at Animal Control for the assist.

While it has not been confirmed by officials, this reporter has heard rumors that the suspect is indeed a 'good boy' (or girl).

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