Sioux Falls Police are investigating what is called the 'Grandparent Scam.'

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says a Sioux Falls grandmother is the latest victim of the scam.

"An 86-year-old woman received a phone call of someone claiming to be her grandson. This person said they need to have some iTunes gift cards in order to get out of jail. Unfortunately she went to the store and purchased over $1,700 in cards. The scammer called back and she gave the numbers of the phone. We're working to try to figure out who they are. But, it's very difficult to try to catch them."

Clemens says chances are the money will not be recovered.

"Once that money is sent it's almost impossible to get it back."

If you get one of these calls, Clemens urges you to check with your family to make sure the call isn't a scam.

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