My wife and I drove each of our vehicles to the gas station. We pulled up on each side of the same pump so I could fill both tanks on one single charge to the credit card.

After both tanks were filled, I found myself astonished as I looked at how much money I had racked up on the meter. Twenty cents or so more per gallon, makes a large difference.

Gas prices this coming Memorial Day weekend will be the highest in four years and likely start to dent the summer travel season according to analysts.

Gas prices in Sioux Falls are at $2.85 per gallon for regular unleaded. This compares to the national average reported by AAA of $2.93 per gallon. These prices are as of Tuesday (May 22).

What is interesting, is the price has gone up 17.5 cents over the past month. "Trends are indicating that this summer is likely to bring the national average to at least $3 per gallon," AAA spokeswoman Jeanette Casselano says.

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