The day after Christmas I was walking up the stairs past the front door of our house. My wife shouted up from downstairs "Hey, should we turn on the Christmas lights?"

Which of course, got me wondering. Should you still turn on your outdoor Christmas lights even after the holiday has passed?

I was always under the impression that you do up through New Years. But looking out the door I noticed that there were several houses in the neighborhood that did not have theirs on - while others did.

So, of course I did what everyone does in this situation: TO FACEBOOK! We posed the question to our fans, asking them if you should leave them on or turn them off.

The answer was overwhelming: 80% of those who voted said, "Yes" leave your lights on with only 20% saying "No." I'm guessing that 20% are members of the Grinch Fan Club.

So, go ahead Sioux Falls - Light It Up... at least until after New Years. Then, if you turn them on after January 1st, I am going to hunt you down and gut you like a fish!


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