In advance of the release of her new album, Now, Shania Twain has shared another of the record's songs. Readers can press play above to hear the song "Poor Me" and see its lyric video.

"Poor Me" -- much like Twain's single "Life's About to Get Good" and "Swinging With My Eyes Closed," the other Now track that she's already shared -- appears to take its inspiration from Twain's divorce from her now-ex-husband, Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Lyrics include "He never told me how long / I'd been living in the dark" and "I know it should get better ... I wish he'd never met her." "Poor Me," though, is decidedly darker than those other two songs, and includes a subtle play on words in its refrain.

"Poor me this / Poor me that / Why do I keep looking back?" Twain sings in the song's chorus. Later, she adds, "Grey's the color that I see / Still can't believe he'd leave me / To love her / Pour me another."

The fourth track on Now, "Pour Me" was written solely by Twain. She also co-produced the track.

"I pushed myself, knowing it was going to scare me and knowing that I, alone, was responsible for however it turned out," Twain explains. "I love collaborating, but I didn’t want any emotional, psychological or musical influence. The minute you invite somebody into that space, you’re influenced. And then it wouldn’t be me. It wouldn’t be pure.

"This may be the purest work I ever do," she adds.

Now is due out on Sept. 29.

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