With the current pandemic, those who live in either assisted living or senior homes haven't been able to see their loved ones for months if not longer.

For those who have attempted to visit their grandparents or parents who live in these homes, it might have been a visit through a windowpane or a door; if the home would let any visitors in at all.

However, this isn't the case in a senior living home in Brazil. The staff has created a tunnel out of clear plastic that allows residents to stick their arms through in order to touch and hug their loved ones.

According to Good News Network, The Hug Tunnel has been made from a thick plastic sheeting that has three different sets of armholes to accommodate those who are either standing or those who are in a wheelchair.

In between scheduled hugging and visitation sessions, the sheet is wiped down on both sides. Visitors have their temperatures checked and use hand sanitizer before approaching their loved ones in the senior home through the plastic.

Below is a video that shows a great-grandma seeing her great-grandkids while using a sheet of plastic with armholes that was inspired by the Hug Tunnel.

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