A group of people gathered in downtown Sioux Falls to protest the recent United States House vote that approved the American Health Care Act on Saturday (May 6) morning.

The goal of the protest according to Samantha Spawn of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota is to show the personal side of health care.

"I think our state would disproportionately be affected by this piece of legislation. Do you think the very same person (Congresswoman Kristi Noem) who voted through this legislation, which would allow states to opt out of essential health care benefits such as maternity care and prescription coverage, would (run for governor and) be the same state to enforce any kind of mandates on their insurance company? Probably not."

Spawn is among the many who are extremely concerned about maintaining insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

"I have a daughter who was born with a liver disease. The pre-existing health care condition is really important to me, a parent who is seeking health insurance for the rest of her life. I want to make sure there is affordable health insurance for that."

Since Obamacare was enacted, Spawn says more lives have been saved through insuring people with pre-existing conditions.

The protest featured two groups of twenty-five people. One section was located at the 300 Building on North Dakota and a half block away at 6th and Dakota.

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