On Tuesday, December 8, Governor Kristi Noem proposed a new livestock arena that would cost $20 million for the city of Huron.

Dakota News Now
Dakota News Now

According to Dakota News Now, the Governor made her way to Huron on Wednesday to elaborate on the building at a news conference.

The State Fair Open Class Beef Complex was sadly, a complete loss after it had started on fire earlier this year in October.

The building had been home to numerous events such as cattle shows, rodeos and left a loss for the fairgrounds.

“We’re going to use this as an opportunity to rebuild for the future,” Noem said. “It’s time to imagine all the new opportunities that we could have and all the new memories that can be made, right here in this spot” -Dakota News Now.

This building would also provide a new 200,000 'square foot multi-purpose livestock arena.'

Huron city Mayor, Gary Harrington, was grateful for Kristi Noem's support of both the South Dakota State Fair and for the community of Huron.

$ 20 million is what the venue is estimated at; $12 million will be coming from the state followed by the rest from private fundraising and insurance.

Governor Noem claims that the new complex will be "the best in the country for hosting livestock events."

The complex still needs to be approved by the state legislature but is expected to be ready in time for the 2022 State Fair.

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