From brown to white to blinding to freezing. Sioux Falls has seen just about every different weather scene on Christmas. This year we're looking at the forecast specifically after Christmas. Keeping an eye on the forecast is Shawn Cable of the KSFY Severe Weather Center and the days after Christmas Day will be of concern.


A powerful winter storm system will develop and move out of the Rockies late Tuesday into Wednesday and move across the plains through late next week. This storm will likely bring brief periods of rain and freezing rain to some, followed by heavy snow and strong wind. Much of South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa will be impacted by this storm.

While it is still too early to get specific with the storm track and snowfall totals, it looks as though parts of our area could potentially see double-digit snowfall totals with wind gusts in excess of 40 mph.

That said, there is still some uncertainty in regards to how much rain - if any - will fall during the early stages of the storm. There is also some uncertainty in regards to how long the storm will stick around. Both of these will have an impact on a how much actual snowfall we receive.

For now, be aware that there will be a significant storm that impacts the Northern Plains Wednesday through Friday of this week. Check the forecast and check it often because as we get closer we will learn more and have a much better idea as to where this thing is going to go and how much snow we're going to get.

And as always, be flexible, pack a winter survival kit and have plenty of extra blankets and warm clothes in your car.