It didn't surprise me when I heard the report that New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was suckered punched by a teammate in the locker room.

I've been around NFL locker rooms and depending on the day, it can get volatile.

But what did shock me is when the reports starting coming in that Geno was clocked over $600.

Now Smith is out for 6-10 weeks with a busted up face.  Facial fractures and a broken jaw, all the result of IK Enemkpali punching the quarterback of the team he plays on.

Now to you and me, $600 is a good amount of money, but for these guys, its like a twenty spot for the rest of us.

Plus, this was over a plane ticket according to those same reports.

Are we serious here? Punching dudes over a $600 plane ticket.  NFL guys sometimes just don't get it.

Enemkpali has since been released and will clearly lose even more than the $600 that Smith apparently wouldn't pay as he will be missing a large salary unless another team picks up the embattled former Jet.

So what does this mean for the Jets?

Well, they have a roster spot open with Enemkpali gone.

The quarterback battle between Smith and Fitzgerald is put on hold for at least 6 weeks.

The Jets may be better off with this happening and possibly affording themselves the opportunity to have the better of the two quarterbacks now starting in Fitzgerald.

And most importantly, we've realized that the Jets have and will always be the Jets.  A team of chaos and a team clearly still lacking leadership.

Could you imagine this happening to Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck or Tom Brady? Of course not.

Why? Because they would first of all not put themselves in harms way and if some clown were to pull that kind of sucker punch on a real franchise QB, there would be mutiny amongst the locker room as they most certainly would come to their aid.

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