*** Written By ESPN 99.1's Nick Nagel ***

After numerous scandals and accusations in years past surrounding schools in the NCAA, they finally have decided to ease up on some of their rules.

The NCAA is now allowing elite high school recruits and college players to be represented by agents.

These agents have to be certified through the NCAA in order to represent the player.
Another rule the NCAA has implemented will be surrounding the NBA Draft.

Players who declare for the draft and are not drafted will now have an option to return to school if they choose to do so. They will also increase recruiting restrictions and increase suspensions and postseason bans for coaches that break the rules.

With these rules, the NCAA hopes to improve the integrity of the game and they hope to
decrease the amount of rule breaking and scandals across the nation.

After major accusations of recruiting violations this past year involving the likes of Kansas,
Duke, and Michigan State, these rule changes should clean up the NCAA and recruiting

This is a step in the right direction for the NCAA, who have been very strict on these rules in the past.

They need to start putting the players first and the NCAA may be starting to realize that
their business is about who makes them the money: the players.


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