Martina McBride doesn't shy away from sharing her life with fans on social media, and recently the singer posted a photo of a delicious and healthy meal she made for her family. In the caption of her salmon dish with a side of roasted tomatoes, broccoli and salad, she detailed her husband's long journey to healthy eating.

"I don't know why we like to post pictures of our food. Maybe to encourage ourselves or others. Or maybe just because we like sharing that part of our lives," she writes. "I know I love posting pictures of something decadent as much as I love posting pics of something healthy...because I believe there is room for both in life and it should be a balance."

She then explains that she decided to post her latest meal for several reasons.

"One....because it is my first really healthy meal after a whole weekend of decadence and I'm proud of it," she says. "Two because I've never really cooked much fish and I've always been somewhat intimidated by cooking it...but I made this super delicious salmon in less than 20 minutes with just a few ingredients. And three because my husband has gone through a lifestyle change when it comes to eating that I might never have believed."

McBride goes on to say that two years ago her husband would have never eaten salmon and that less than a year ago he would have tolerated the meal and simply "gotten through" eating but never enjoyed it. The night was a victory because he "ate every bit of his salmon and part of mine...and all the other healthy food on his plate."

"He ENJOYED it and it satisfied him and he kept saying how delicious it was," she marvels. "Anyone who has known him knows this is B.I.G. And I'm happy he's turned the corner. And if he can do it anyone can do it. So maybe this will inspire someone to stick with it."

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