Former city councilor Kenny Anderson Jr is announcing his plans to run for mayor of Sioux Falls.

Anderson talks about his experience as a former city councilor preparing him for the role as Mayor, helping him see the idiosyncrasies between the Mayor's office, City Council and other government departments.

Some of the challenges Kenny Anderson Junior would like to take on as Mayor of Sioux Falls include dealing with the decreased sales tax revenue and increased crime in Sioux Falls.  He says there are ways the community can be of assistance to hard working police officers:

We've seen a bump up in our crime rate.  We have some ideas in helping law enforcement.  They're doing their job...a better community education program and an outreach program will assist our law enforcement.

The official announcement of Anderson’s candidacy is Friday, March 31, at The Bakery on Morth Main.  The event is at 6:00 PM and the public is welcome.

Recent announcements to run for Mayor were recently made by former City Councilor Jim Entenman, business owner Nick Weiland and community activist David Zokaites.


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