Growing up I think quite a few of us dreamed of being a movie star, and while this opportunity isn't a leading role, it would be an opportunity to see what it's like to be on a movie set. Extra's are being sought for an upcoming Twin Cities film.

I follow the social media page, Minnesota Actors, (it's an open group, with public posts) and many times you'll see listings for open auditions for a role, but sometimes you'll see a post that is looking for just plain regular people to play extras in the background of a scene.

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If you are looking to dip your toe in the waters of acting this might be a great way to see what it's like on a movie set, and how everything and everyone works to make a scene in a film.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Extras wanted! We are filming on May 31st-June 1st for a short project called "Yall making a Movie" directed by Paul Ngang and produced by AQ and Horn of Africa productions. Looking for 15-20 extras, needed for about 3-4.5 hours each day. This is a non-union shoot and unpaid, but food will be provided, and a great way to gain experience! Located in the Twin Cities. If interested or you have any questions feel free to message or email me!

If you are interested in this opportunity, you should join the group and look for Addison's post. If you end up part of the shoot let us know and send us some pics on our free app!

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