Minnesota has the distinction of being the northernmost state in the US thanks to that little point at the top of our fair state, then the 49th parallel takes over. One Minnesota airport has the unique distinction of being one of six US airports to straddle the US-Canadian border, and it's cool to see!

The airport is known as the Piney Pinecreek Border Airport, located to the north and west of Roseau. According to the airport's Wikipedia page;

The airport, located at 48°59′56″N 095°58′56″W, was originally located entirely within the United States. Needing to extend the runway, the owners found it could not be extended south due to a nearby road, but the land to the immediate north was unused. After arrangements were made with Canadian and Manitoba authorities, the runway was extended across the 49th parallel. The initial and extended runways were turf but have since been paved.

The airport is considered an entry point into Canada and is a popular landing spot for hunters and fishermen.

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The airport also offers passengers the ability to choose their destination so to speak when they land.

"Two aprons allow passengers to deplane in either country and walk to the respective customs authority. Pilots and passengers in Canada need to walk across Provincial Trunk Route 89 to report to CBSA, while in the US, the border station is located on the airport side of Minnesota State Highway 89."

Have you ever been to this airport? You can fly to Canada from the US without ever leaving the runway!

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