Acclaimed singer-songwriter Adam Hood has shared a heartfelt new single just in time for Valentine's Day. "You Love Me Like That," out today (Feb. 10), is a stirring, soulful love song inspired by Hood's longtime wife, Britni.

"I wrote this with Sean McConnell back in 2016," Hood says. "He was sitting at the piano in the writer's room when I got there. He played the first few lines and I fell right in. It felt like the song wrote itself. The lines just came. It's what you hope for every time you sit down with an idea, but it rarely actually happens. It's almost like you're there to write down a song that's 'given' to you. A song that's bigger than you."

The track is a sweet, slow-rolling ode to a love that lasts, even through hard times and quiet moments. To reiterate the intimate, personal connection Hood has to the song, he included a selection of photos from his and Britni's wedding day, along with snapshots from their extended family members. 


Adam Hood You Love Me Like That Single Artwork
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"It's also very special that such a personal song can resonate with others so well," he explains." There are quite a few songs written about being married to a 'music man,' but ask my wife and I bet she'll tell you that one more song spoken with a little sincerity is very welcome! There's so much that goes unseen and unsaid in our day-to-day lives and I'm thankful to have a song to remind me of what REALLY matters when things get overwhelming."

"I just want a love that's strong and true / One soul in the world that knows what I've been through," Hood declares softly. "Each time I look over my shoulder, I know that someone's got my back / And you love me like that." 

"I think that's the sentiment that I see resonate with others when I play this song," Hood continues. "Trials and troubles are NOT specific to the music world, but there's power in saying 'I am not alone.' Who doesn't want to be loved unconditionally for exactly what and who they are?"

Listen below:

"You Love Me Like That" is Hood's first new track since his celebrated sixth studio album, Bad Days Better, was released on Sept. 16, 2022. 

He'll be out on the road in the coming months supporting his new music, including a stop at the Grand Ole Opry on Feb. 24. You can find a complete list of Hood's upcoming tour dates at his official website.

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