One of the more unusual court cases in recent memory has been withdrawn. Brett Favre, who had sued popular Sports show host Pat McAfee for defamation, has officially withdrawn his case.

This all came in the wake of Favre's alleged involvement in the State of Mississippi Welfare Fraud case.

McAfee, who had commented on Favre's alleged involvement on the Pat McAfee Show, announced today that the case has been withdrawn.

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Per ProFootballTalk:

“As many of you know, Brett Favre sued me over statements over him that I made about him on this program,” McAfee said. “As I confirmed in my court papers and I repeat here, my statements expressed in comedic style were based solely on public statements and allegations. 

“I am pleased to report that based solely on me again clarifying these points now, with no settlement paid, Brett is withdrawing his suit against me.”

It's good news for all parties involved, as Favre moves on from the suit, and McAfee can continue on with his comedic style in what has been a top-notch source for sports news in recent years.

Source: Pro Football Talk

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