A yellow army of dandelions has popped up on many lawns in Sioux Falls.

While the kids may think they're cute, you really don't want them choking out your grass. Here are some ways you can rid your lawn of dandelions.

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7 Ways To Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Lawn

1. Pick 'em! This is a lot of work but it's effective. Find a good dandelion puller tool and make sure to get the roots when digging them out. Another method of removing them is to loosen the dirt around the dandelions with a garden trowel and pull them out gently again making sure to get the root or they'll grow right back in a few days.

2. Broadleaf herbicide. Hit your local greenhouse, Lewis store, Ace, Runnings, FleetFarm, Menard's, Lowes, Home Depot, etc, and check out the lawn care section. Read a few bottles and find out which one is right for your job.

3. Vinegar and salt. Another popular method, as pointed out by TruGreen Lawn Care is to mix vinegar and salt. It's highly effective but caution is required as it can also kill the grass surrounding the dandelion if you're not careful. Saturate the leaves and roots and it'll die.

4. Boiling water. According to Tipsbulletin, pour boiling water over the entire dandelion. You should see the browning of the leaves in about 4 hours. Then easily pull the dandelion out by the roots.

5. Coffee grounds. Another kinda "folksy" method is to pour coffee grounds around the dandelion. I've personally never tried it but some people say it works.

6. Dish soap. Mixing dish soap and water in a spray bottle is a common method. Again, make sure to only spray the dandelion as it doesn't discriminate.

7. Hire a lawn care service. There are several great lawn care services in and around Sioux Falls. Put your feet up and let them take care of your lawn year-round.

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Of course, to prevent them from growing in the first place, a healthy, lush lawn is the best way as grass can combat most weeds. You can maintain a healthy-fed lawn with a 4-step application fertilizer such as Scott's Lawn-Pro plan. A spring, summer, fall, and an application of pre-winterizer in late fall ensures a healthy lawn in the warmer months.

On a fun final note, you can bring out your inner hippie and make dandelion wine! I couldn't tell you how to do this but hey, search engines are great, aren't they?


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