As South Dakotans, there are certain things we've come to expect. For example, you can plan on being excessively hot and uncomfortable during the sweltering summer months of June through August, and unbearably cold during the bone-chilling winter months of December through February in this state.

As a South Dakotan, you can also plan on having a cup of coffee, and I do mean a cup of coffee with the seasons of Spring and Fall most years. And that's if we're lucky!

As we continue to transition into another long cold winter weather season, you can also expect to start shoveling snow soon. So far this year, we've had just a light dusting of snow here in the Sioux Falls area, unlike other parts of South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, where Ma Nature has already dumped on them big time!

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I'm guessing it won't be long however until we all need to get reacquainted with Mr. Scoop Shovel and Mr. Snowblower again.

Having said that, it begs the question, at what age should a South Dakotan hang up his or her snow shovel for good?

There was an article posted in the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this year that talked about that very subject.  The story delved into the risk factors associated with snow shoveling for those of us who are older, mild-aged, or just plain out of shape.

I would think it should be painfully obvious that some of us in our late 40s, our 50s, and especially those of us in our 60s and even older are at that point in life where we should pay little Billy down the block to do our snow shoveling for us. Snow removal, even with a high-powered snowblower can be challenging and dangerous at that age. Nobody wants to come face to face with the proverbial  "widowmaker."

In the Sun-Times article, two doctors offered up their opinions on the best age to hang up your shovel for good. One physician recommends you give up your snow shoveling career starting at age 45, the other doc recommended anyone over the age of 55 stop.

There really is no "set in stone" age to stop snow shoveling. It simply boils down to common sense and a person's overall health and heart history.

If you find yourself breaking a sweat just getting your big butt off the sofa to grab another coke and a slice of cheesecake, you probably have no business trying to shovel a mound of heavy, wet snow. Duh, right?

Years ago, my Mother-in-law gave me the best Christmas present ever, the gift of snow removal. Now during the winter months, I just sit back and watch some dude with a big blade on the front of his truck clean out my driveway. It's heaven! Trust me.

If you find yourself looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that someone special in your life, that is either older or shall I say no longer a physical specimen I can highly recommend it.

Please stay safe everyone!

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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