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Scenes From Blizzard

A foot of snow in Sioux Falls!

Winds blowing that snow into nasty drifts!

That scene repeated all over the Sioux Empire. The BLizzard of February 2023 was a cold, snowy mess. AKA, just another South Dakota winter. We can handle it. It sucks, but we got this.

We asked to see your view of the storm, here's what you saw:

11 Things You’ll Only Understand After Living in South Dakota

From soda to pop to sloppy Joes, different parts of of the country have their own local quirks and language. Simple phrases can have totally different means, local events may seem weird, and food may go by a unique name.

If you're new to South Dakota here is a sort of translation guide for some odd things you may see or hear.

10 Food that Help Get You Get Through a South Dakota Winter

Winter in South Dakota ain't no joke. It's not all winter wonderland and cute hat and glove combos.

It's snowy and freaking cold under gray skies. Just the right combination of things to make you fantasize about Arizona.

Don't worry though, it'll be over soon and we can enjoy our one-of-a-kind summers. Plus we have a delicious line-up of warm comfort food to help get through it all.

And quit dreaming, SD is waaayyy better than AZ for lots of reasons, but especially: NO Tarantulas.

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