Amy Grant is on the mend after a July 2022 bike accident, which sent her to the hospital and forced her to cancel a string of concerts that summer. Now that she's feeling better, Grant is detailing the powerful impact that support from her husband Vince Gill had on her recovery process.

"The biggest thing was in the two months after the wreck, it was really depressing," Grant recounts to People. "Everything canceled, and I just said, 'What if I'm never all the way back?'"

As she grappled with those fears, Gill was there to provide some much-needed perspective.

"And he said, 'Things happen to people every day, and you just have to take one day at a time, and we're here, and I love you,'" she continues.

"And that just kind of made every day of the journey okay," the singer sums up, adding, "I do feel fantastic."

At the time of the accident, a representative for the singer stated that she'd been riding her bike near the Harpeth Hills Golf Course in Nashville with a friend when she suffered a fall at around 3PM. Grant was wearing a helmet at the time. An ambulance transported her to the hospital, where she was treated for cuts and abrasions.

After her release, on medical advice, Grant canceled the majority of her fall tour schedule in order to continue to heal. As she looks back on that time, the singer acknowledges that she still faces issues with low stamina and memory.

"Well, they said a 12 to 18-month recovery for a head injury, and so, every once in a while, I'll be talking to somebody and they'll say something that I guess I used to know, and I'll gasp and go, 'Are you kidding me?!'" the singer details, adding, "but I'm telling you, I'm glad for every day."

In recent months, Grant has come to see the more positive side of her accident; during a CBS Mornings segment in late December, she even said she was grateful for the experience.

"The three things I kept saying over and over again, 'I can't believe I have all my teeth, something's wrong with my shoulder and I needed this,'" Grant said during that interview. "And I think about, what energy do I have left and how would I like to use it differently. And it's been such a gift."

For one thing, Grant had no plans for new music at the time of her fall. Now, she says, "I think I have one more good record in me."

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