The word "Like" has always been a...well, a likeable word. Warm, friendly, inviting, simple.

But it seems the word has been corrupted. It's been taken, and twisted, bent, trampled on, run through the meat-grinder and spit out the other end. Abused. That's it. The word "Like" has been used and abused.

Truthful now. How many times have you heard a conversation that goes something like this:

"And my Mom was like, no you cannot go to Sandy's house. And I'm like, but Mom she's my best friend! And she's like, I don't care you're staying home tonight. And I'm like, that is so unfair!"

Or maybe you're standing in line with your milk, bread and can of spam waiting to check out and behind you, there it is, the conversation from hell:

"And my girlfriend is like, there's no way I'm going to see Texas Chainsaw, and I'm like, C'mon it'll be cool! And she's like, no way, we're going to see Princess Diaries, and I'm like, Uh-Uh, no way, and she like, starts to cry and I'm like, OK, we'll go to Princess Diaries, and she's like, OK, I love you and I'm like, yeah, me too".

Now, I'm not saying using the word "Like" 8 or 9 times in a sentence makes you dumb or stupid. No, no, no. It only makes you sound stupid!

And I am so, like, glad to get that off my chest....ya know?

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