Imagine this. Your Father is someone famous, a name that's not only famous but more than that. Legendary.

All you would have to do is walk through a door, casually mention that your Father is...well, pick a legendary name. Now, it might not make you a huge star, but it would certainly open a lot of other days that otherwise might stay shut.

Or, you could do it like Holly Williams is doing it.

Yes, I said Williams. And yes, she has a very famous father in the Country Music world. We call him Hank Williams, Jr...or maybe Bocephus. She calls him Dad.

And her Grandfather didn't do too bad either as far as famous country music names go.

But Holly? Well, according to the Associated Press, she decided to do it the old fashioned way. Working.

(AP) - Holly Williams says she could have taken the easy way to stardom in Nashville - by putting on a cowboy hat, calling up a record company and mentioning that she's the daughter of Hank Williams Junior and granddaughter of Hank Williams. But she decided not to do that.

Instead, she has been playing small clubs and working on her songwriting. She even released her own album independently, rather than latch on to a label.

Williams says there's nothing wrong with trying to cash in on her substantial country music pedigree. But she says that "was not what was natural" to her. She says she rather play her guitar, piano and write stories set to music.

Williams wrote or co-wrote all the songs on her new album, which features Jackson Browne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jakob Dylan and Dierks Bentley.

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