Thanksgiving is over! So let's talk Christmas cards!

Andy likes to call me The Corrector, but I think I'm helping. If you are misspelling a word or using poor grammar, don't you want someone to tell you, so you don't look/sound dumb?

When you know better, you do better. I think that is something I heard Oprah say when she was quoting Maya Angelou.

Anyway, I came across this Facebook video that is basically a public service announcement about grammar when it comes to holiday cards. People get confused with apostrophes. Making the last name plural can be tricky for some people.

There are a few videos out there about holiday card grammar, but I liked Heather Breedlove Nianouris best because she has visuals! I love a good visual aide!

I just don't send out cards and then I don't have to worry about it, but if you are the kind of family that sends out cards, here are a few tips:

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