Mmmm...the aroma coming out of the oven is heavenly. That delicious pepperoni pizza is just about ready!

Out it comes, sliced perfectly and now for that first bite of the best pizza you've ever had.

Ah, ah, ah, ah...ow, ow, ow! That cheese was a whole lot hotter than you thought (or maybe didn't think).

We've all done it, burned our tongue on that first slice of pizza, or maybe something else that we just couldn't wait for, couldn't let it cool off just a little bit. And now you have a burnt tongue. And while it's not life-threatening, it is the definition of 'not fun'.

So what to do? Well, there is a remedy for a burned tongue and it's a 4-letter word (no not that 4-letter word, you've already said that): T-I-M-E.

According to Men's Health, your tongue will heal itself in seven to fourteen days. And during that time you may want to go ahead and avoid foods and beverages that are acidic or hot. And for that matter, just stay away from anything with the word 'fire' on the label.

Now if the pain just won't quit, they say to get an over-the-counter anesthetic with the active ingredient benzocaine and that should help you out.

And next time let that pizza set for a few minutes no matter how good it smells.

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