The Coronavirus Pandemic is a lot of things. Tragic. Unsettling. Crazy. Stressful. And for many people, boring.

While many of us are working remotely or in an office building that feels more like an almost empty warehouse, others are just trying to keep busy. With our 'normal' schedule disrupted or stopped altogether, what is a person to do?

Well, here's a novel idea in a novel time:

Write a letter.

You remember writing a letter, don't you? It may have been years since you did, perhaps decades. Maybe, just maybe, if you wear a younger person's skin, you never have taken pen to paper and written out sensible sentences.

Nope, I don't mean sending an email or a tweet. And I'm not talking about scribbling a little something on a birthday/anniversary/graduation/Christmas card. I mean an honest-to-goodness living, breathing letter.

First thing is, find a pen or pencil and a good clean sheet of lined paper. Oh, you probably have some stashed away in a box in the back of the closet next to those old key chains and yardsticks you've collected through the years. If not, no worries...stores still sell them.

And you won't need WiFi.

Write someone a letter. If you don't know cursive, don't sweat it, you can print. Uh, you can print, right? Just joking, of course, you can.

Maybe to your Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma. Maybe to that cousin you haven't seen since he/she moved to the coast. Perhaps that grade school classmate you happened to see on Facebook.

Put together a page or two. Find the address (Maybe Google it), put a stamp on the 'ol envelope and then, wait for it...wait for it...

Magic Happens.

Seriously, the magic is this: You will have just made someone's day when they get the mail and find that it's not a bill, not a flyer, not a request for information, but an actual old fashioned letter from a relative/friend. Heck, they may even mail you back.

And you'll feel great. Yes, you will. Because you've stretched some muscles that you haven't used in years.

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