There is never a shortage of good people doing good things, people taking care of each other and looking out for each other.

I saw this post this week from Laura's Lattes in Canton:

To take a look at Laura's Lattes or more info on the coffee shop check out their Facebook page. 

It's always encouraging watching good people do good things wither its a cup of coffee or taking the time to listen to someone.

Take a look below if you would like to drink in more examples of good people doing good things in our area.

Adam Weber
Photo Courtesy of Adam Weber

When I saw Adam Weber's Instagram post it didn't surprise me at all. It did make me wonder how the world might be different if we tried doing two things I noticed from his post:

1. How would this world be different if we faced our fears and stepped into the ideas we had.

2. What would the world look like if we all took the time to listen?

I saw this post from Adam Weber's Instagram: 

I know Adams request was not to be impressed with him, and the guy is illegitimately one of the most humble humans you will ever meet.

I am impressed with Adam. I am impressed with anyone who steps out and tries something different and scary. I'm impressed by people who dare to do things that don't come with a guarantee. I'm impressed by people who choose to continually find ways to be there for people. I'm impressed by people who see all the b.s. in this world and instead of adding to it they choose to try and alleviate it. I'm impressed by good people doing good things. Allow me to quote a Luke Bryan song: most people are good.

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