Driving between Sioux Falls and Brandon on Highway 11 has become impassable due to flooded waters, however there are may alternate routes set up for weekend travel.

The department of transportation closed Highway 11 at the intersection of Madison Street, diverting all traffic to Madison street, which will connects to Highway 100 to Sioux Falls. The intersection of Madison and Highway 11, also known as Huset's Corner, was closed due to flooding overtaking a bridge between Madison and Highway 42.  Local traffic will be able to go behind the barricade signs, however no vehicles will be allowed over the bridge.

Other closures include McHardy Park in Brandon, which is completely covered in water, dotted by playground equipment and soccer nets partially exposed above the water's surface.

As highway 11 continues further west of the city, the section between 57th Street and 271st Street has been reopened to one lane of traffic, with flaggers direction the flow of traffic, sharing one lane at a time.

For updates on all traffic in the region, visit www.safetravelusa.com/sd or call 5-1-1.

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